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Krishna Stones Works is a reputed stone chips manufacturing company founded in the year 2007. Sri Sunil Kumar Agarwal and Sri M.B. Stayan are the owners of the company.

Our company has augmented our production from 60 TPH to 450 TPH with VSI (1st Crusher having 200 TPH and 2nd one having 250 TPH of PUZLONA Make). We also possess Batching Plant with capacity of 30 CUM/Hour and 5 Millar along with Hot Mix Bitumen Plant.

Bitumen is otherwise known as Asphalt. It is a substance which is obtained by distillating crude oil which is known for its waterproofing and adhesive properties. The production process through distillation removes lighter crude oil components, retaining the heavier bitumen. Krishna Stone Works refines it numerous times to augment its quality.

It is a complex composition of hydrocarbons and contains elements like calcium, iron, sulphur and oxygen. It may even occur naturally. It is more often used for industrial purpose and aids to bind building materials together. Our company mainly uses it for road paving

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